Thursday, November 6, 2008

Age 3 -- so much better then I thought

I have been referring to L as 3 for a few months now. Lets be realistic... he isn't three yet. He will be in 19 days, but at some point 33 months just sounds like 3.

Regardless, I think I like 3. L is much much easier to deal with then the temper tantruming 20 month old R.

Granted, I don't know if I like 3 or I like L's 3. L's 3 means that he talks to me. Tells me all about his day. These great, grandiose stories about how the world centers around him. My conversation with him this morning was priceless.

I was trying to explain to L that we had a new President and his name was Obama. We worked on saying Obama. I asked him if he knew what the President was. He shook his head no. So I went on to explain that the President is in charge of the country like Ms. Nancy is in charge of his school.

Then I asked him if he knew who the President is now. He said yes. I said who. L turned to me with a giant smile and said ME!

I could only respond with a laugh and the acknowledgment that I too wouldn't want to admit that Bush is the current President either.

Oh and guess who has a big boy bike now? Yeah, it took him all about about 3 seconds to figure it out. Grandpa was very impressed and thrilled his birthday present to L was such a hit.

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nicole said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your three year old. It's so much nicer when they can communicate with you...although, I don't think the tantrums stop altogether, they are just easier to combat.