Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yes, I am evil

So my MIL is here to help me with L and R. Since she recently lost her husband (DH's stepfather), I knew it would be trying for her, but that it would also be good for her to spend time with her grandsons. She wanted to come and I usually love to have her, but not so much this time. So, here is my vent because I am certainly NOT going to say anything to her.

She gets sick as soon as she got here. Just a cold, but the woman has a traech tube and can barely breathe as it is, so add a cold to the mix and it is hellish for her. Then she pisses around calling her dr, now can't get her medicine and we are one day 3 of this. Every day she ends up falling asleep as soon as the oldest goes down for a nap, so she is absolutely no help in the afternoon. I have even made every single meal for all of us -- well today she helped, but it was really no help since it was leftovers. Add to that, today, she didn't even clean up her own lunch dishes and half my day is spent running around cleaning up her dirty tissues so my oldest doesn't eat them. Even DH yelled at her about it yesterday. With the traech tube, every time she coughs mucous flies all over the place, so I have been cleaning it off the oldest's highchair, and the baby's clothing and such.

Oh and now R has a cold/cough too! FABULOUS. He is having a heck of a time nursing with a stuffy nose. The poor guy isn't even 2 weeks old and he is sick. I am pissed.

When B and MIL got up from the table today and didn't even clear a single dish I just about lost it. Now B wonders why I am in such a pissy mood. HMMMMM. I freaking wonder. He will get an earful tonight and I really would lay into MIL for her crap, but for the death of her hubby. I am trying my best to be understanding, but considering I am functioning on little to no sleep for weeks and chasing a toddler all day, I am pretty much at the end of my rope.

So yes, I am evil for being mad at a woman who just lost her husband, but right now, I feel justified for the anger. Maybe we can't live with her afterall.... this move to Chicago may not be a good idea.

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