Monday, March 5, 2007

I recind my previous post

I am not done after all....

B's step father, my step father in law, who we love, adore, etc died unexpectantly today. He was on a tractor moving top soil and somehow rolled the tractor. He was lifelined to a trama center, was conscious for a while, but had to be put under to stablize his blood pressure since he was losing a lot of blood. Unfortunately, he died while in surgery and before ever waking up to say good-bye to my MIL (the most wonderful/caring woman in the world).

B and L flew to Chicago to be with the family, so #2 needs to just stay put for the next few days. Would it be the end of the world to go through labor on my own? No! But I don't know if B would ever get over missing the birth of his child.

Please, please, please stay put #2. You don't have a name, don't have a real room yet and mommy can only deal with so much in one week.

So, even though he is a Step father/step FIL should we consider using his name as a middle name? James is his first name and would be a cute girls middle name too.... Do you think the other FIL of mine would be offended?