Monday, March 5, 2007

I am DONE!

So far, I have convinced myself that this pregancy is so much easier than my pregnancy with L, and that I would be happy to keep this kid inside for as long as it wanted to stay. With L, I hit that wall -- the wall where you just want the kid OUT -- at about 35w. I started maternity leave at 37 weeks and L made his appearance at 38w, 5 days.

I am 37w, 5 days today. This kid is fully cooked and needs to vacate the premises. SOON! However, I am still getting up and working every day. Although apparently I am not putting in the hours that the co-irker wants me to (still at more than 50 billable hours a week, which means I am here in excess of 60! At 37 weeks!).

I know, I know. I am full term, but no where near my due date - blah blah blah. B reminds me EVERY DAMN DAY. You would think he would have learned from the 1st time around that reminding a woman that she could be pregnant for as much as 4 more weeks when she has mentally checked out is just MEAN.

Oh, and if it is a girl it still doesn't have a name, but I am not hating Lila as much this week (spelled that way instead of Lyla though, I think....). Gwen is a close second these days too. How would I differentiate between L (my boy) and L - Lila though??? Hmmm.

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