Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The quiet

Do you know what it is like at your house when you are 38w pregnant and your husband and son are away? QUIET. Eerily quiet. Loney quiet. Miserable quiet.

I miss B and L. I just want to hug them more than anything, but at least B has MIL consulting me before any legal decisions are made. FILs kids are already doing the gimme gimmes. Why is it all about "what do I get" when there is a death? Two of his kids live not but 4 tenths of a mile away and guess what, they haven't come to the house YET but to get "stuff." And not just personal stuff -- they want to take his business property too! UUGH.

MIL is a very strong woman, but give the poor woman a break. She just lost the love of her life. Stop asking what is in it for you. Thank God I am not out there, I would be in labor already due to the stress of these people.

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