Thursday, March 1, 2007

My baby... no longer a baby...

So, I came across Amalah's post yesterday about how Noah is getting big. As her son is just 2 months older than L, it really hit me how he isn't a baby anymore.

Then L had his 15m appointment yesterday. He has gained 14lbs since birth and grown 10 inches. That seems like a lot, but what really hit me were the most recent pictures of him.

Who took my angel away and replaced him with an adorable little boy?

One thing I hate about him growing up -- his poops are growing up too. BLECK! Morning sickness seems to be making a return and dirty diapers and I are just not getting along anymore.

Have I mentioned that I am now 37w pregnant, due any second and STILL NO NAME FOR A GIRL....

Just sayin'

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