Thursday, March 8, 2007

Still Pregnant!

YEAH -- I am very happy to report that #2 has cooperated thus far and decided to stay put, right where he/she belongs. Don't worry little one, Mommy will be asking you to leave shortly, but you have at least 3 more days of being confined in what apparently is too small of a space for you.

Anyways, most recent news is that #2 is sleeping a lot and a biophysical profile gave an estimated weight as of today at 8lbs, 11oz.

Oh -- and don't be fooled. That isn't 8lbs, 11oz at birth, that is right now, today at 38w, 1d or 37w, 5d depending on whose calendar you are looking at. Yep, gonna have another big one. Oh well, my "proven pelvis" and I will get through this just fine, but thank God I am going med-free or I would be ripping stem to stern!

Oh and I woke up with a cold this morning? Shouldn't there be a limit on the number of illnesses one should be subjected to while pregnant? B and I are being very cute though -- 1500 miles apart and we still share the same illness. *awe, how sweet?* Thank you once again to daycare, germ center for the newest illness to invade our house. We appreciate it!

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