Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I return

I have spent the better part of 4 days trying to come up with what to write about. I am not lacking for ideas, but I highly doubt anyone wants to hear more whining from me. So I am going to attempt to keep these whine free.

They will not however be vent free.

I totally understand why our current youth are self-absorbed, spoiled pricks! I thought I was just in some kind of alternate universe while living in the New York City burbs. Something to do with nanny’s raising kids, both parents needing to work, and the excessive amount of money readily available for these pampered princes and princesses.

I was wrong. It is an epidemic.

Apparently, parenting these days involves 1) being “friends” with your kids, 2) letting your kid do whatever, where ever and when ever or 3) flat out ignoring your child.

I don’t know whether parents just get overwhelmed with the sheer energy it takes to discipline a toddler so they give up or what the cause is but holy hell, it makes me want to take my kids and live in a bubble away from all these brats.

We were at a water park. L was trying to play with one of the spouts of water. He was made to wait his turn while another little boy was playing. When that boy stepped back away from it, I gave him the go ahead to play. That little boy proceeded to shove him down and kick him repetitively any time he got near the spout. Mind you -- the kid WAS NOT PLAYING in the water, just didn’t want L to. Needless to say -- his mom and I had a bit of a shouting match. Apparently this is completely acceptable behavior for her 3 year old. I pointed out it isn’t even acceptable behavior for my 1 year old. The slob of a mom just sat there like a lump until I went over to her. You have no idea how much effort it too for me to not drag her brat along with me when I did it.

Why do people think it is ok? Seriously, if L or R did that, I would reprimand on the spot and apologize to the mom and kid. If it was L, he would be in a time out immediately following his apology. R doesn’t talk, so there is no apology forthcoming there, but I would certainly still step up to the plate an apologize.

I would also be all over my kids like white on rice if I saw them kick another child. Not just sitting on my ass doing as little parenting as possible.

I guess I should just get used to it. For every 1 parent I find that actually parents, there are 9 that don’t do anything. You know, God forbid their teeny tiny little egos get a dent because we all know that life is just a bunch of roses.
And if you are sitting there saying to yourself, well I just sit back and watch and let the kids work it out -- please stop fooling yourself. You aren’t parenting. You are being a lazy slob and contributing to your kids idea that nothing he/she does is wrong. The only kids that need to learn to “work it out” are siblings or close relatives. If you are dealing with strangers, YOU are the problem, not your kid or someone else’s kid, get off your ass and parent.


nicole said...

When I first started reading this post I thought for sure it was about my lovely family...especially after the long discussion we had about my sisters. Glad to know it wasn't, but I'm sorry there are lazy parents out there. It doesn't take a lot of effort to teach your kids to be good and kind little people. If you don't want to take the time to teach your kids good manners, you shouldn't be having the kids.

mamaC said...

AMEN!! I hate lazy parents that can't be bothered to make the effort to parent their kids and then complain when they don't behave well. I am sure you know who I have in mind here! ;)