Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Apparently my child is a brat

Well, that is my interpretation of it.

I had to have a meeting with school on Wednesday night. The report --

L is getting progressively more aggressive. He isn't listening to his teachers. He doesn't follow certain rules (like today he peeled off every last label in the work room when he was supposed to be napping). And when he gets in trouble he poops in his pants or wets his pants.

Granted that was all in one day and even his teachers wanted to make it clear that this is a recent problem. Actually, they were more concerned that there is something happening at home which is causing upheaval. There isn't. He is just being a brat.

I can't say that I am suprised though. He can be very spiteful - purposefully doing mean things when he gets in trouble (usually throwing toys or hit R to get a reaction from B or I). And B and I had a talk last night about the fact that we were suprised we haven't gotten reports from school because of how poorly he has been acting in the evenings at home.

The teachers also wanted to make it clear that this week is different at school. Normally they follow a very strict Montessori schedule, but this is an extended care week. A normal week off for most teachers over the week between summer school and the beginning of preschool next week. They provide the extended care during those times for people like us who work full time.

However, I am not one to make excuses for my kid -- or kids. His behavior is atrocious and we know it. To sit there and say not my kid would be assinine of me. Or to say well it is because... I see it. We have been trying to figure out a solution for it. I understand it has a lot to do with his SPD, but that is not going to be an excuse for him. He needs to learn to live in the real world - even at almost 3 - and allowing him to act like a crazy man because his schedule is off is not going to happen.

So, B and I have had to crack down. A naughty chair came out to the living room (used to be in his room) and he spent a great deal of time on it the first hour he was home from school. The second hour was apparently a 180 (I had a meeting and he was home with B). Granted, Daddy is usually the easy going one so when HE told L how disappointed he was and HE brought out the naughty chair and HE enforced it calmly and swiftly, it made a big difference.

Lets just hope that L is testing his boundaries and this too shall pass. Raising a bratty child is not something I want to be part of and blaming it on anyone else other than B, L and I won't solve the problem.

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nicole said...

Boy is my child going through that same syndrome. I feel like I've tried everything with Dylan but she just doesn't seem to care, or catch on. I've been dealing with tantrums more and more often and I can't find that magic switch to turn them off. Luckily, she seems to put herself in her room with her door closed, then realizes eventually that she was wrong and comes to apologize. I love the apologies, but I sure wish I didn't have to hear them. It would mean she figured out how to behave like a normal person instead of some possessed demon-child.