Monday, August 11, 2008

Chatty Cathies

L speaks in paragraphs.

Considering this is the same kid who just started using 4 word sentances when we left NY, this is a major improvement. I knew he would do well in the Montessori program, but the change in the last 2 months has truly been mind boggling.

And all of this for less then half the cost of a mediocure daycare in NY.

I spoke to one of my former co-workers and was floored to learn that Montessori near her in NYC would cost them $22,000 a year.

We will pay $10,000 for both boys come September.

And talking about words, R now has 3 words... Ok scratch that. I took a break to eat dinner and apparently he has 5 words now. No (complete with the finger wave and all), Tractor, Mama, Done and More are all part of our lexicon. Yes, he is almost 17 months and yes, he is still substantially delayed, but we are having a bit of a word explosion here.

He will still go through the Early Intervention evaluation we planned next month and see what that turns up. L went in for a speech delay and we promptly found that he had so so much more than just a speech delay. I am curious to see what is going on with R -- especially because of his excessive drooling which just started 3 months ago.

Regardless, the whole EI program is a whole lot less daunting the second time around. Sad but true. I am not scared at all this time and I know I got two wonderful boys -- even with all the extra work they bring. Can't say that I am not hoping that R is a lot less severe then L though.


MommytoA said...

Hey.It's great to hear how much L's vocab is picking up.Sometimes I wish I could get A to hush....she's a talker and a question-asker. I'm sure Mr. R will catch up in no time. I know how nerve-wracked you were for the EI evals with L so I'm glad you know what to expect (more or less) this time.

And, um, find time to email a girl will ya.

MomSmoo said...

A -- OMG -- email me at my hotmail account. I miss you and can't find your email address!!!