Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finding a pediatrician

Who knew that this would be the hardest part of our move?

So we loved out pediatrician in NY. His mentality is that WE are the parents, he is just there to provide advice and recommendations. We were so so sad to say goodbye to him. Although actually we still email with him all the time, so it was less goodbye then usual. I just know I am not driving 4 hours each way for well baby check ups.

But, we figured we would find someone in PA who was reasonable and would at least defer to the current vaccination schedule we have. I mean that is reasonable right -- not too outrageous. We aren’t skipping any shots, just have them spread out a bit with monthly appointments from 1 to 6 months. Well, I met with one about 2 weeks ago. I got good recommendations for the practice and it is literally less then a mile from my house. To say it didn't go well was an understatement. I am still ticked about it.

It pretty much came down to the fact that I said we weren't going to do the MMR shot until at least 2 years and I would prefer to split it up and do measles first at 2, then rubella at 2.5 and mumps at 3. Obviously, I would pay the co-pays for the extra visits, etc. Blah blah. (again -- pretty reasonable, right).

So, he told me that, no -- AAP recommends 15m or 18m and that is the only option if you are going to be a patient here. Are you kidding? Then he goes on with some story about you wouldn't hire a contractor and tell them how to build a deck and not take their advice to make it structurally sound. Oh and then hold them liable if it fails. Huh, wah. He is talking to me about negligence standards and totally misquoting the law -- isn’t that what he is preaching about anyways (he is the expert and I should just listen to him?). That relates to me making an informed decision, how? Oh and then he said I was sychzo because I said I didn't think MMR was related to autism, but you never know and I wouldn't want to regret it later, so I feel more comfortable splitting them up. Of course there are other reasons I don’t want to do it until 2, but God forbid he listen to me because he is the freaking expert and all.

I took L with me too and he was acting up and all of a sudden he pipes up and tells me -- that is because he is tired. Shut up asshole -- he isn't tired -- HE IS BORED -- and probably sick of hearing your rhetoric.Needless to say -- he will not be our pediatrician. I am truly shocked that someone would actually be that self important to think he 1) needs to be in control of my parenting decisions and 2) thinks he knows MY kid better then me after 5 minutes in the office.

I just said as I left -- well then it seems like you aren't the practice for us and I appreciate your candor. This isn't a decision I would want to regret later either.

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nicole said...

You held your tongue. I'm impressed. I hate how some people think they are all-knowing when it comes to your kids. I'm sorry, but the last time I checked, I was the one raising my children and spending all the time with them. I think I'd know best. So frustrating!