Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh holy crap

Anyone checking out the US swimmers? Having been a member of a US Olympic team in my youth (location and year would easily give me away -- and therefore my kids identities away too) and having known Michael for more than a decade I can't even tell you how exciting this all is for me. I would link you to a story about Michael, but pretty much -- turn on your TV or open up a browser and you will know who/what I am talking about.

Although I think B, L and R are all counting down to the time until swimming is done. I don't think they like being woken up at 1030 - 1130 with my screaming.

I am also ready to return to my nice normal 10pm bedtime!

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-Bailey said...

I did notice we "lost you" after the tv was turned on last week.

On a serious note we had a really good time last week. The house looks good and R and L are great. I liked R a little bit better since he wasn't scared of me but I have faith L will come around.

The house is good. Can't wait to come back. I just don't know if we will fly or drive.