Friday, August 22, 2008

No longer shy

I don't know if it is daycare or L coming into himself... or the parade of people we have had through our house in the last month, but L is officially no longer shy.

I noticed the change on Saturday. We -- meaning the kids, B and I -- all headed back to the old house in NY. We were supposed to close on that house on August 7, but had a major set back before even getting to closing (a basement that has never been wet was in fact wet. Not puddles wet, but wet just the same).

Luckily we have the best buyers in the world and after a few contractors came through the house, and they met B, it finally started to sink in that this wasn't an issue. A few fixes by B and some handholding and we are headed to closing on this Friday. Yes, B saved the sale of our house. I guess I need to actually give credit where it is due.

Anyways, the soon to be new father walked in the house and L ran for him and greeted him with a hug. He attempted to score a piggy back too at some point during their inspection of the house and I was left with my mouth agape. This is a kid who used to run to B or I around any stranger and here he was going out of his way to greet people.

Then Sunday, The Saint and her hubby came by the house. L promptly grabbed hubby's hand and led him off to show him his trains. Now that might not be surprising to most of you, but since we used to live almost 6 hours away from them, L hasn't seen hubby frequently. The Saint makes trips when her girls are out of school, but her hubby usually has to work. He even greeted The Saint with new vigor. It used to take a few minutes for him to warm up. Not this time.

Then later Sunday we were off to visit a good friend of mine. Kimmy was my best friend from 7th grade until college. I have always been close to her dad, Doc, and my parent to her. L, however, has never met Doc or his wife Susan. Both got giant hugs when they walked in the door. Even Reed joined in on that greeting. Then trying to pry L off Doc when we left was a bear.

Who is this outgoing kid? I want to keep him.

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