Monday, July 28, 2008

It is D day

well, almost...

Tomorrow is the bar exam for PA. Actually tomorrow is the start of bar exams all over the country. Wednesday is the day when everyone gets to take the fabulous Multistate Bar exam. Pretty much 6 topics, all "federal" stuff and while 200 multiple choice questions sounds like a piece of cake -- it sucks. Lots of people have issues with getting 100 done in 3 hours (it is split into 2 3 hour blocks with time to eat in the middle). Luckily with my lightening fast reading speed, that isn't a problem, however, taking the time to slow down and make sure I thoroughly read the call of the question is. Oh well, this time I know I don't have to worry about time and I just need to plod through slow and steady.

Also, if you know anyone taking this, give them lots and lots of TLC. To say that my brain is currently only funtioning on reciting elements of tort claims is an understatement. Maybe one of these days I will be able to have a coherant conversation again, but I don't guarantee it for at least another week.

Oh and waking up with a headache and fever the morning BEFORE the bar -- yep, not only is that my luck, but it just sucks royally. Hoping advil, vitamin C and cough drops make life bearable and me not so distracted for the next 2 days.

Also, the 2nd time around, staying in a hotel away from the kids for 2 nights, isn't so much a vacation. Oh well, I know I need to quiet and who needs to be stressed about yet another accident due to nutso PA drivers (more on this after the bar).

I promise, August will be back to normal around here.