Saturday, July 19, 2008

a week?? a whole week??

Oh what a good mommy blogger I am ... a week between posts?? Yeah, I am so on top of all of this.

More excuses aren't forth coming. I flat out do not have time to keep up with this poor thing right now. I can't even tell you much new on the boys because I spend little time with them. If I am not taking them to daycare or eating dinner with them, I am not with them. I am locked in my dungeon cramming 3 years worth of PA law into my brain. One would think the second time around it would be easier.

One would be wrong.

Anyways, I am off work next week to study, but I can't make any promises here because I don't think I will have the extra time to blog and unless you want to know all about the Statute of Frauds or remedies, I got nothing for you.

So excuse my absence. I will return in August with free time -- or at least I expect to return... If the bar doesn't kill me first.

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