Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back to the point of this all --

I know I have been lax in posting. I know I have provided excuse after excuse as to why. I promise, no more excuses today. Today all I want to talk about is L.

L and I had some problems the last month. When we first moved into my parents, he did pretty good. Then I took him to school the first day and wouldn't you know, he did great. Very few tears the first day or the second and while he wasn't sleeping well, I didn't get any "bad" reports.

Then all hell broke lose.

The next 8 days SUCKED. Well, actually it was the next 10, but the next 8 school days sucked. Three days of screaming and clinging to me and not sleeping at all during the day and wanting to be held all the time in the evenings. This is not a clingy child -- until he was in school and away from Daddy. I think that was the biggest thing -- Daddy. To say L is a daddy's boy is such an understatement, I can't explain it to anyone who hasn't seen it. L couldn't care if I were around, as long as Daddy is around. And when Daddy is around, then he is a sweet, loving, adorable, devilish little boy.

When Daddy isn't around, he is just the devil.

Well, now Daddy has been back in his life for 8 days and my child is finally back to normal. I don't know if B coming for the weekends made things better or worse, but L wasn't comfortable that Daddy was going to stick around for the last week. Today he seems to "get" that we have moved and Daddy is now here to stay. This week I have been getting notes from his school that he is doing "great at everything" or that there were "no tears at all today" or even that he has just been wonderful most of the week. He still gets a little nervous when *I* drop him off in the mornings and he is just miserable when B drops him off instead, but at least I can assure him that Daddy WILL pick him up at the end of the day.

Today Daddy has both of the boys and I am studying all day. Hopefully, B has two happy boys all day because I know how much they missed their time with their dad.

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