Sunday, July 6, 2008

and now from PA

Well, this is the first post I have written from the new house.

You know -- the place that all boxes have come to live for the time being. I thought the worst thing about moving was the packing and actually moving the crap, but no, it turns out the unpacking is the worst.

Or at least the packing part is now behind me so I think this sucks pretty bad too.

Luckily, the boys are starting to adjust to the new house. Last night they both went to bed well and slept past 7am! What a relief. Yes, this is the same kids that used to sleep from 8pm to 8am, but while at my parents house they both thought that was entirely too much sleep and dropped to less then 10 hours of sleep. It didn't make mama a happy camper.

But, slowly we are adjusting and hopefully the sickies will leave us shortly (we are all very miserable right now). Now, anyone got a number for the box fairy... I need some stuff to magically put itself away.

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