Friday, June 1, 2007

Having a wife -- day 3

Ok, life makes much more sense now. Why was I constantly rushing around cleaning and getting pissed off at B and L for making a mess or hell even demanding my attention (you know those dang toddlers and actually wanting attention) while I was trying to clean. CLEAN damnit, why do we live in filth!!

Anyways, for the last three days I have sat on my ever expanding rump and snuggled R or played with L (few and far between because there is a new person in the house. A person who actually lets him play with the vacuum cleaner while she cleans and therefore far more interesting then the lump on the couch doing a half-assed job of trying to play farm or with puzzles or even God-forbid trying to get L to say a word... any damn word kid!!!) while Ruth cleaned the house. My house is spotless. Even my clean freak mother may actually deem it clean (except for our bedroom because hello that is a big storage pit and I need to actually declutter it before Ruth even has a hope of trying to clean in there).

Anyways, B is happier because I am happier and not constantly on his ass for leaving a glass out or clothing on the floor or any of those stereotypical male things because he does ever freaking last one of them. L is happier and cuddlier because I don't say NO 50 times a day to him and R -- well R is the happiest child I have ever seen in my life, so he can't get much happier.

Oh -- on a side note guess who is pumping her own damn body weight worth of milk??? Oh yeah, that is me! I had to BUY new bigger bottles to pump into because one side -- 9 oz!!!!! Seriously, my kid is an oinker!!!! MOO!

Note to self -- stop with the damn !!!! and (), they get the point already.

Note to readers -- I rarely if ever proof a post. It just isn't in me. I HATE proof reading, so hopefully you get the point if not, sorry I am confusing you and I am sure you left a long long time ago!

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