Monday, June 11, 2007

The bad side of loving Mommy

L has been a Daddy's boy from day 1. Well, maybe not quite from day 1 since I was the food source for the first few months, but for as long as L could show a preference. Now, not so much. L wants to sit on my lap, cuddle and kiss me and throws a fit when I leave in the morning.

Great, right?

Nope! Now L won't go to sleep unless Mommy comes in and says "night night" to him. It is the weirdest thing and we are trying to get it to stop. L has always been a great sleeper, so it is hard to not just go in, say night night, give him a kiss and walk out because I know he will go right to sleep. I love that he wants to see me one more time, but it is making B upset and soon I know that work is going to demand I be at the office at bedtime. For now, we are making it a slower transition, but soon he is going to just have to go to bed for Daddy.

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