Monday, June 18, 2007


I had a reunion of sorts this weekend. I was a swimmer growing up and was invited to the wedding of a former teammate. I didn't keep in touch with many of the other swimmers after college, so most of the people there were people I haven't seen since I was 18-22. Here are things I learned about myself:

1) no one thought I would have kids. I guess I wasn't maternal. People are actually surprised that I am a good mom or actively involved with my kids. Yikes!

2) NO ONE is surprised that I am an attorney. Maybe that is the whole non-maternal thing too. Or maybe I am just hoping that my argumentative side overruled the maternal side back then. Yeah yeah, I was a bitch then and now, but I still love my boys.

3) I either haven't changed at all (that is a scary thought because I had some really rough looking years as a teen) or I am totally unrecognizable. I personally think it is the boobs that throws everyone off! An A to a D will do that! =)

4) The people that I didn't miss at all are the people that I now want to keep in touch with and the people I wanted to catch up with ... well, the curiosity is satisfied and I don't ever have to see them again. Seriously though, there was a woman there who I didn't really talk to growing up, but who has already given me leads for a job back in my home town and who I spent most of the night talking too. Maybe it is because she is a new mom too, and I did NOT assvice her to death either (patting self on back), so that is why we related, but I was thrilled to talk to her.

5) You can never go home, but you will impress the crap outta your husband when you return to a place where you were "famous" or infamous or just well known.

Oh and the title is courtesy of new mommy in part 4. That is how she referred to the night and I couldn't think of a more appropriate name for it.

So Congrats Stacie and Daryn. Hope you have many many happy years together and thanks for the invite. It was great to see you all.

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