Saturday, January 17, 2009


The stars have aligned against us this week...

sick, sick, everyone is sick.

L was running 102 temp and got bumped from school on Thursday. B was home with both boys yesterday and of course they seemed snotty, but were on the mend.

This morning -- I got up to find R covered head to toe is diarrhea with chemical burns all over his legs and torso due to the acid in his poop. Since he got up at 751 I have changed more then 5 diapers. That is 5 diapers in ONE HOUR.

Think my day is shaping up to be a winner?

Oh -- and of course we are SUPPOSED to be in Phoenix right now visiting N and her family, but had to cancel that due to the plague. So instead of 74 degrees I am suffering through a high of teens and 10 degrees as of right night.

TEN! And I have to pack the kids up and take them to the doctors shortly.

The joy just never ends.

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nicole said...

I can't believe all the things that have stacked against you lately. I'm so sorry. It can't be easy. I wish there was something I could do from here. Just know that if you need to cry or scream, I'm around. =)