Sunday, January 18, 2009

because the sickies aren't enough

the house seems to be conspiring against me too...

Dishwasher -- yeah, it just likes to flood our basement. Technician was here on Friday and said it was a fluke thing, nothing is wrong with it... LOL. yeah, well when it flooded into the basement again today, let me tell you whose ass I wanted to kick.

Call to the home warrany company and OMG - the woman I got kicked ass and she is pissed for me. Maybe the fact that I yelled at the boys at one point to just please be quiet, which made her crack up, helped me. You know... mom's bonding and all. Apparently she has a 3 year old too. She gets my current pain.

But, it isn't just the dishwasher. The washing machine crapped out on me yesterday too. Not exactly what you want to see happen when you are doing a load of laundry a day due to your child's propensity to poop his body weight. (which, because you are on the edge of your seat seems to be getting better after the benefiber in his fluids... I am starting to love the new pedi). It wouldn't drain. But luckily B seemed to be able to fix that.

Something else water related happened, but search me if I can remember it now. My brain has started to shut down with all the stuff going on.

Tomorrow is Monday right? I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing anymore. Monday's tend to be the onslaught of new files/work. I don't know if I can handle more at this moment. Luckily my first solo court date is this Thursday, so after I have that under my belt, I think I will start feeling a bit more confident.

Or at least I will for one of the two new practice areas I am working in. The other one -- yeah that is going to take some time. Too bad I am in court for that come the 30th. YIKES.

Maybe Monday's aren't so good after all...

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nicole said...

I am so sorry for the awful week! I'm glad that at least the boys sound like they are on the mend. I hope tomorrow isn't horrible for you. Send a note if you get the chance.