Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh fair blog

how have you been. I have been a bit neglectful, no? Well, better you that the spawn on the devil and the cute little boy in my house.

Anyone want to guess who is cute and who is the spawn?

Yeah, not hard. L is still pushing all my buttons, all the time. Been a long week, so I am sure that isn't helping me any on the patience front. Here is a weekly blurb.

Monday -- start in the new office for my 3 days a week. Super busy with a brief I need to finish but still proceed to get 4 new files. By about noon I think I am going to cry, but pull my shit together and get to work. On my way home receive an email sending me to yet a 3rd office for Tues. Up until midnight working on a draft of the brief.

Tues -- more work on the brief, but a much much better day. I walk away from it with the best crash course I have ever received to improve my writing and I am thrilled with how the day goes. Unfortunately, my tutorial ran late and I got home 30 minutes before the boys went to bed. Not used to that anymore.

Wed -- back at the home office today. Good overall. Still slugging away on the brief, but I have a nice lunch, leave at a normal time and attend my class. Drinks/marketing after class and home by 1030. Thinking I am doing damn well because tomorrow will be an early one.

That night -- L is up ALL NIGHT LONG. Running a pretty high fever. Might catch 5 hours of sleep or so.

Thursday -- roll my ass out of bed feeling like the living dead. B takes the reigns for the day and will play Mr. Mom to L while he is home sick. I get out of the house early and get to the new office early. Again with the brief. But I know it is due tomorrow so it can only last so long. At 6pm make the decision that this is stupid and head another 30 minutes East from my house to meet up at the 3rd office again with the attorney I am working on the case with. His wife brings us dinner with the kids and at about 730 we settle in for the night. I finally leave the office at 230 AM - missing the Gators play for the National Title (OUCH!!! That hurt more than the long night) and drive an hour west to my house. In bed just after 330.

Friday -- starts with a bang as L gets up at 6. I think I am dying. B puts L back in his room when he leaves for work. Just makes L scream and cry. I roll out of bed at 730 and start getting ready. Wake the boys up at 800 only to realize L is still burning up. R is a little pissed at me being that he hadn't seen me for 48 hours before that. Lovely! Get R to school and back to the house to work. Thank God a sick L is a lazy L so he snoozed on the couch while I worked most of the day. Brief submitted at 345, 15 minutes after L got up from him nap.


That even hurt to type. Now I am off to do some more things that I needed to do this weekend but haven't gotten to yet. My bosses goal was to "load me up" so I stayed busy. I think she has succeeded.

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nicole said...

I knew it was a crazy, busy week, but come on, you can at least update the blog right? And you're giving me a hard time about it??? Four more days until you're here!