Tuesday, September 16, 2008

well - that is interesting

So L... well he is 90% potty trained right.

Actually he is so good at it that he goes without even needing to tell us. The only time he really needs help is when he wants us to turn on a light. I don't let him wipe after he poops because he just can't do a good enough job and I am not letting poop sit on his bum.

However, we seem to have hit a problem.

He gets up in the middle of the night and pees on his bed or on the floor.

At first I thought he was sleepwalking of sorts. Then he tried to clean it up one time with wipes.

So - is this on purpose or is he doing it accidentally?

And how do I get him to stop. I mean he is still in pull ups over night, so I am not even asking him stay dry. I just don't want him to whip out his penis and pee some where other then the potty.

Tonight he didn't have anything to drink after 645. Lets hope that helps.

Oh and mom -- can I use that bissell??

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