Tuesday, September 9, 2008

finally scheduled

On September 24 R will finally have his evaluation.

Thank God. Not a moment too soon. The drooling is getting worse by the second. We have him in a bib all day long and STILL his shirt ends up soaking wet. There are not lumps or bumps to suggest we are getting teeth either. Granted we still have the 2 year molars to come in, but since L's second set just arrived (unannounced by the way) last month, I don't think R's are quite ready yet.

However, thanks to the greatest school there ever was, he has started saying more words. Today was "brown bear" in reference to his favorite book. Which was also L's favorite book at 18 months -- too cute. Uh oh is also a common little phrase from his mouth, usually following him purposely throwing his fork on the floor.

So -- my guess is that he may in fact fail his evaluation - which is actually a good thing - but I also don't know how much I am hearing vs. what he is in fact saying. My ears hear him ask for a pretzel. Consider the kid doesn't really talk ... how unlikely would it be that that is one of his first words.

On Sept 18 I will see his new pedi. My goal is to have them recommend a tonsillectomy. I honestly think he needs it -- if you could see his teeny tiny little throat half closed with his honking tonsils, you would agree. But I know it isn't a favored surgery anymore. I think that in and of itself would solve his drooling problem. Lord knows it helped my niece on both the drooling and the talking front.

Oh and anyone know what to do with an extremely high pallete? Dude -- I think his is as high as mine is as an adult.

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