Wednesday, February 21, 2007

No love for #2

So, #2 is practically forgotten about in our house right now. L is still front and center in the spotlight and I don't think he plans on giving up his title anytime soon. Before L was born, the nursery was completed (in Sept, he wasn't due until Dec), all 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing was washed -- and there was A LOT of it, and I was making plans for my maternity leave and clearing off my desk at this stage.

Today I am 36w (my calendar, not the OBs). Some random old sheet is on the mattress (that still has the plastic on it) from when Lane used it as a floor mat, #2 doesn't have bedding (although I can blame that and no name on the not knowing the gender), the room is filled with all the supplies for the bathroom renovation (which we plan to start THIS weekend!), I just washed some of the clothing that I can call gender neutral and put it in the drawers over the weekend and we finally picked up the recliner for the new babies room.

All in all, if this kid comes when L did -- we are totally screwed! It will be sleeping in a drawer. Poor kid.

Oh, and did I mention no names yet. Have a list of 6 names for boys (Wyatt, Sawyer, Trent, Colton, Reed or Brooks) and NADDA for a girl. So of course you all know what our surprise is going to end up being. We were leaning towards Lyla, but now, I don't really like the name anymore, gotta love hormones.

Any name suggestions? Any advice? Is this normal for a #2?


MeesheMama said...

When the ultrasound told me #2 was a boy, I said, simutaneously, "Whew!" and "Sh*t, what the heck are we going to name him?" We'd really set the bar high with #1, so having a 2nd boy was going to be an issue. He didn't have a name until I was walking around the garden outside the birth center in labor.

Girl's names tend to be so much easier, and you can draw from so many places and create variations that work. Boy names are impossible. Do you have any family, like grandmothers or aunts you could honor with a girl's name? We were going to use a combo of grandma's names if "he" had been a "she".

Peace to you. Kiddo's comin' soon!

MomSmoo said...

I don't like "tribute" names for the first name, although the middle name is a tribute name.

I have tons of names that I like and B has tons of names he likes -- we can't agree for crap though.